Southern Sweden Film Commission (former Oresund Film Commission) was established in 2003 to attract national and international film- and TV-productions to the region. The Commission is a part of the regional film fund; Film i Skåne.
In the spring of 2016 Southern Sweden Film Commission started to market the southern part of Sweden while Copenhagen has createt their own commission under the umbrella of Copenhagen Film Fund.
Southern Sweden has everything you are looking for. It’s easy to reach and a lot warmer than you might have imagined.Within a short distance you will find medieval towns, castles, large woods, archipelagos and beaches and most locations outside of city areas are free locations because of our “Right to Public Access Law”

Southern Sweden is a combination of ultramodern cities with all the high-tech gadgetry and urban sophistication; but just off the superhighway you’ll find plenty of freely available, naturally wild and historically significant places that haven’t changed in centuries (or we’ll find them for you).  

We have fully equipped sound stages and you will appreciate the fact that Swedes are renowned for efficiency, punctuality and getting things done.

Apart from that, most of us do speak English.

Sweden has no direct production incentives yet, but we will accommodate every foreign production that come to shoot here with as much other kind of incentives as we can offer. It can be free locations in government owned buildings, free meetings with all permitting officials to plan your shoot, discounts at hotels, equipment houses and car rentals.

There are also regional and national funds to access if you coproduce with a Swedish company.

Southern Sweden Film Commission is part of the regional marketing structure and work as free liaison to the regional and national government and to the film industry in Southern Sweden.







Mikael Svensson

Certified Film Comissioner

Southern Sweden Film Commission
Phone: +46 707 163 202
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