About Southern Sweden

Southern Sweden is Sweden at its most continental. Connected to Denmark by bridge, its trademark mix of manors, gingerbread-style abodes and delicate, deciduous forests are a constant reminder that central Europe is just beyond the horizon. Dominating the scene is metropolitan Malmö, defined by its cosmopolitan culture and striking, twisting tower. Further out, velvety fields, sandy coastlines and stoic castles create one of Sweden’s most bucolic landscapes. Add to this the fact that Southern Sweden is often dubbed Sweden’s larder and you have yourself one scrumptious Scandi treat.

Known as an innovative and exciting centre for the production of moving images, Southern Sweden is emerging as the smart location choice for international film productions in Europe. Shooting in the region, you will benefit from a sophisticated film-industry infrastructure, English as a working language and high production value. 

Southern Sweden was the playground of Ingmar Bergman for many years and you can also walk in the footsteps of characters like Inspector Wallander and Saga Norén from The Bridge.

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From  2010 is that our neighbouring region in Southern Sweden; the Region of Blekinge with a beautiful archipelago, is part of the Commission.



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